I’m relentlessly driven and incredibly passionate about working within an ensemble. As a movement director I fully immerse myself in the collaborative process, and set up the space so that everyone feels that their voice is valued and important. I guide the cast and creatives through a practise of my ideas whilst always listening for the sparks of magic that are inevitably thrust out into the ensemble ready for me to catch! My focus is to create an environment where we can all bring out the best in each other, to collectively inspire confidence and openness, to cultivate a feeling of empowerment for everyone's skill set, background and life experiences; to shine. In doing this I believe that both the work and the ensemble benefit, but most importantly that the audience gets to experience a story that's nuanced, complex and layered just like the human race. 


My professional training in physical theatre and background in dance has been a fantastic springboard from which to grow as a movement director. In short, I am completely captivated by movement, the beautiful, the everyday and the stillness within it. 

For projects and collaborations please email me directly at sherisadd@gmail.com 

Epilogue, a dance theatre piece created by Sheri Sadd - rehearsal video preview 

Sheri Sadd


Movement directing

Movement directing

Movement directing 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Another soup theatre company



Theatrical Niche Theatre Company

'A Dolls House'

'A Dolls House'

In rehearsal

In rehearsal

Epilogue, a dance theatre piece 

created by Sheri Sadd - rehearsal video preview. 







Actor, movement and assistant director on six plays for Theatrical Niche Theatre Company, all touring Nationally. 


My team and I have had the pleasure & privilege of working with Sheri on several different projects and in various capacities over the past few years. Always full of energy, she dynamically approaches each new challenge with creative flair and unbeatable spirit. Sheri is a highly skilled, and innately talented Movement Director and I never hesitate to recommend her to others. As an actress, she is spirited and dedicated with unique passion & drive for her art. We can't wait to work with her again!

- Venetia Twigg - Company Director, Theatrical Niche Ltd


Sheri is an actor you can depend on, is boundlessly enthusiastic, and has a resolutely can-do attitude. She is fearless in any environment, whether delivering lines on the roof of Westminster cathedral or stalking through crowded Soho. She is bold in her delivery, always

fun to work with, patient, and versatile. I hope to work with her again!

- Sam Holloway - Filmmaker and Writer 


Client in Mike Clare's personal branding shoot

Sheri was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, experience and friendly personality really put my client at ease. He was a bit nervous of being in front of the camera, but working with Sheri helped him to relax and be himself. I would highly recommend Sheri for any acting or modelling work, she is hard working, dedicated and very capable.

—Nikki Van Der Molen Personal branding Photography 







Movement Director on

'The Yellow Wallpaper' and  

'The Soul of Wittgenstein'

Sheri was an utter joy to work with and I am only sorry that we didn't get to spend longer collaborating. She really found a niche with both casts and brought such interesting and wonderful things out in their performances. She has a very calming and caring demeanour and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

- Dave Spencer

Co-Producer and Associate Director - So and So arts club and Another Soup Productions





I worked with Sheri when she was movement director on Lady Windermere's Fan (Theatrical Niche/UK and Ireland Tour) and The Soul of Wittgenstein (Another Soup productions/Omnibus Theatre). Sheri was a delight to work with. Her enthusiasm and energy transformed the atmosphere in the rehearsal room as well as it enhanced the performances of our cast. I look forward to working with her again on my next project!

- ​Pamela Schermann - Stage director / Producer 





Freya it was a super job all in all, its massively appreciated and I'm looking forward to the next one. I love Sheri, class act. 

- Wayne Feddon (General Manager of Madison in 2017) Sheri planned & managed the New Years Eve Party (entertainment and decor) 







Sheri is a charismatic and versatile actor. I have worked with her on a number of projects and find her to be a creative and instinctive performer who is a pleasure to work with. She has the capacity to perform a range of roles, in my experience this has included mastering Shakespeare and puppeteering in a children's show as well as portraying the role of Kristine in ‘A Doll's House’, bringing a fresh energy to each part. She is adaptable, taking direction in her stride and working hard beyond the rehearsal room. Her physicality is an asset to every part she takes on and I cannot recommend her enough.

- Alice Sillett - Director of ‘A Dolls House’ and ‘Tempest in a Teacup’ 

I have worked with Sheri on several occasions as a commercial model and she is exceptional! Not only beautiful but the ultimate professional who takes direction and knows exactly how to execute the poses to make the best images you could hope for.

She is a dream to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


- Cass @thestorytellercelebrant @conceptcoordination 


'A Dolls House'